Ini 5 Game Android, Cocok Buat Yang Tidak Punya Paket Data Internet

No Internet

Sangat disayangkan jika kamu tidak bisa main game di Android hanya karena ngak bisa beli pulsa untuk isi paket data internet telkomSEL misalnya.

Memang rata-rata Game Android butuh koneksi internet untuk memanjakan kamu seperti Cari Teman Gamer agar bisa main bareng. Tapi ada beberapa game android yang bisa kamu mainkan tanpa harus register paket data internet atau punya koneksi Wi-Fi.

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Kamu ngak percaya? Lanjutkan saja baca artikel Mazagena dibawah ini.

Ini 10 Game Android, Cocok Buat Yang Tidak Punya Paket Data Internet

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphat 8 Airbone
While the multiplayer / online experience is one of Asphalt 8: Airborne’s strong points, nothing stops you from enjoying this highly-appreciated arcade racing game offline. Including lots of cars and new, exotic locations to visit, Asphalt 8: Airborne mixes racing with aerial stunts in a way that no other game can.
Download (Gratis via Play Store)

2. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin's Creed Pirates
Stunning graphics, excellent music, and a great gameplay are some of the qualities which make Assassin’s Creed Pirates an action game that you have to try. You’ll get to explore the Caribbean Sea, build up your ship and crew, and participate in merciless naval battles. Download (Gratis via Play Store).

3. Cars: Fast as Lightning

Pixar’s ever-so-cute Cars characters (including Lightning McQueen and Mater) are waiting for you to show off your racing skills in this highly customizable game. There are 20 cars to choose from, all in pretty 3D. Download (Gratis via Play Store).

4. Despicable Me

Minions, bananas, power-ups, hilarious moments, a Fluffy Unicorn, and many other things – all are included in Despicable Me: an endless runner that both kids, and adults usually end up loving. Download (Gratis via Play Store).

5. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plant vs. Zombie 2
Ah, the classic Plants vs. Zombies! The second iteration of the game, Plants vs. Zombies 2, has been available on Android since 2013, with throngs of fans rushing to download it. Winner of various awards, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a fun (and very often challenging) casual game that you just need to try. Download (Gratis via Play Store).

Ada yang mungkin sudah kamu mainin diantara 5 Game Android Tanpa Internet diatas ya? Share dong komentar kamu dibawah…

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